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Choose from one of our many facials to clear up any minor skin issues you may have. Plus, they’re pretty relaxing!

OrMedic Facial

Ideal For: Unbalanced Skin, Pregnancy, Dry/Dehydrated Skin, Sensitive Skin, Aging, Smokers, and Travellers


MAX Facial

Ideal For: Correction, Prevention & Nutrition of All Skin Types


Be Clear Purifying Facial

Ideal For: Oily Skin, Severe Acne or Acne Prone Skin


Anti-Oxidant Facial

Ideal For: Rosacea, Dry/Dehydrated Skin, Photo Aging Skin


IMAGE Signature Facial

Ideal For: Aging, Dry/Dehydrated Skin, Smokers, Dull/Tired Skin, Pregnancy, Rosacea.


Acne Facial

Ideal For: Oily Skin, Acne or Acne Prone Skin


Illuminating Facial

Ideal For: All forms of Hyperpigmentation