Laser Hair Removal Procedures (ND:YAG, Diode, Alexandrite)

The term “Laser Hair Removal” is a very broad term that covers a wide variety of different procedures used to permanently remove unwanted hairs.

It can get slightly confusing and complicated when you research this topic, as questions may start to arise like:

In this article, we’ll go through all the different major Laser Hair Removal treatments found in clinics in Edmonton, how each one works and how they can be effective (or ineffective) for certain conditions. The different treatments that we’ll cover are:

Quick note, whichever treatment ends up being the one for you, make sure that you’re getting treatment using MEDICAL GRADE equipment, so that you are ACTUALLY getting the proper treatment. With that being said, let’s get started!

Laser Hair Removal: Diode Method

The diode laser uses a longer wavelength (800-810nm) to target your pesky hairs.

What does that mean?

The longer wavelength allows for more precise targeting, hitting the hair follicle more directly. 

It also allows for better penetration, as it’ll be able to hit deeper into the hair follicle while also avoiding the skin.

Which Hair Type Does It Work Best On?

Diode works best on dark, coarse, and/or thick hair. The more precise and deeper targeting of the hair follicles allows it to effectively remove these hairs. If this describes you perfectly, than the Diode method of Laser Hair Removal would suit you perfectly.

Does It Work On My Skin Color?

With the new Diode technology, this laser hair removal method works best on any skin ranging from pale (known as ‘skin type I”) to medium (known as ‘skin type IV’)


Laser Hair Removal: Alexandrite Method

The Alexandrite laser uses a shorter wavelength than Diode, at 755nm. 

The shorter wavelength allows for more effective treatment on lighter skins. 


The shorter wavelength allows this laser hair removal method to target the melanin in the hair follicles of the individuals more efficiently, which makes it more effective for lighter skin.

Which Hair Type Does It Work Best On?

Alexandrite is considered the most efficient laser hair removal, and is usually said to be good on all hair types. 

However, it is the most effective on fine, thin hairs. We hear a lot of people saying that the laser hair removal treatment they did wasn’t effective in reducing these types of hairs. 

Most likely, Alexandrite wasn’t the laser being used.

Does It Work On My Skin Color?

As stated above, Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal is considered the most efficient on all skin types as well!

With that being said, for darker skin types, we suggest the Nd:YAG laser.

Which leads us to the third and final laser hair removal method.


Laser Hair Removal: ND:YAG Method

Nd:YAG laser uses a wavelength of 1064nm to target hair follicles for laser hair removal. 

What does this mean? 

Most of the laser hair removal procedures target the melanin in your skin. The laser heats up the melanin found at the base of the hair, damaging the follicle and causing the hair to fall out. 

With the Nd:YAG, we apply a carbon-based lotion, which allows the longer infrared wavelength to ignore the melanin in your skin and targets the hair follicle directly.

Which Hair Type Does It Work On?

It’s generally ineffective for light-coloured hair, but highly effective for treating dark hair!

Does It Work On My Skin Color?

Nd:YAG works most effectively on darker skin! 

However, it is also found to be effective on all skin types (also dependent on the hair type!)


Still Not Sure Which One Is Right For You?

I know a lot of our answers were “it’s pretty effective on all skin/hair types.” 

That’s because the huge advancement in laser hair removal technology has made it possible to say that. 

BUT, each one does have its speciality and we’ve made sure to outline that for you. 

Fortunately, we’ve got all three laser hair removal procedures at Faces Skin Clinic! 

We use MEDICAL GRADE equipment for each procedure, and have highly trained individuals that carry out the treatment for you to ENSURE safe and highly effective laser hair removal. 

You can give us a call at 587-524-4005 or email us at info@facesskinclinic.com and we’ll set up a FREE consultation. 

During this consultation we’ll examine your skin type and hair type and provide you with a suggestion as to what Laser Hair Removal procedure works best for you! 

We hope this helped you determine what type of procedure to look for! 

See you soon!

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